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Become a dealer today! We offer a discount off the already listed prices. $50 minimum for any reorder.  Items usually ship within 2-3 weeks or less. Everything is black labeled. Put your own label on the item and resell it yourself.  We just ask that you use your own images not ours. Mark up them up easy for in store customers. Retailers must have a Federal Tax I.D. or Resale Certificate.

Three ways merchandise can go out:

1 - No labels

2 - With your own hang tags on drop ships

3 - Our exclusive Black Label tag (Customers will only lead back to our Black Label website with no prices) but allows you to carry you a brand or add a collection to your store if your not ready to label your own now. 

In a pinch, allow us to do a Blind Label Drop Ship for a $10 fee. Your details on the invoice or just the merchandise you decide! Send us your labels or hang tags, we can apply it, that is a $15 one time charge for your own tag hanging.

You must own a business to purchase products from the wholesale section or receive a discount.

Email us at Sales@SomethingIvy.com for more information on how to get your discount today. 


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